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Editor's Notes
Founded by friends Natalie and Emilie, their story starts like many others – a desire for a product that they just couldn’t find – but has evolved to mean so much more. In their search for a more sustainable and enjoyable shaving experience, they discovered many other facets of wellbeing that weren’t just bad for your skin, but harmful for the earth, too.

Sustainability Notes
Well Kept only uses natural, plant-based, organic ingredients, carefully chosen for their minimal impact on the earth and the bountiful benefits they offer your body and mind. Their packaging is made from recyclable materials, FSC-certified paper, and organic materials like mycelium (that’s a fancy word for mushroom). On all of their packaging and shipping materials, it'll clearly tell you what it is and how you can recycle or reuse it. WK also partners with organizations like the Stewardship Program that provides free meals to children who experience food insecurity in Mexico, with the production of their agave cloths and soap savers.

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