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Tiana Marie CombesTiana Marie CombesTiana Marie CombesTiana Marie CombesTiana Marie CombesTiana Marie Combes

Editor's Notes

Tiana Marie Combes was raised in an equestrian community in Los Angeles and spent two decades riding, training, and working as a Hunter/Jumper. Along with the landscapes of her Italian and Czech ancestries, her love for horses and equestrian culture is ingrained in all aspects of her personal output.

After attending Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles, Tiana worked as a photographer and designer before introducing a more tactile practice of lampworking glass in 2017. Her collection began with a series of handmade jewellery and home objects before relaunching in 2020, when designing and working primarily with fine metals took precedence.

Sustainability Notes

Tiana Marie Combes shares a collection of fine jewellery influenced by equestrian utilitarianism and enduring antiquity. Each piece exhibits a duality of adornment through a balance of substantiality and refined beauty. The eponymous line is designed by Tiana Marie Combes in her native Los Angeles, where it is locally artisan-made using reclaimed fine metals. Produced in a signature satin finish, Tiana Marie Combes jewellery wears with an understated and timeless look.